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i fell in love with italy

I fell in love. This was my first trip abroad (Canada doesn't count) and I haven't been able to stop daydreaming about it. The photo above is my first view of Florence on my first day of walking around.

Scooters everywhere. Men, women and youth all rode them. Some with groceries or a plank of lumber sticking out the back. I want one.

First view of Ponte Vecchio, right around the corner from our hotel. My eyes were so BIG!

Out to see the Tuscany countryside. Peaceful paradise.

Walked the streets of Monteriggioni. I could live here for a long time...sigh.

Italy, I love you!


  1. I especially love the last photo...stone wall, wooden doors with vines all around...I want that!

  2. Italy and southern France...on my wish list of places to visit...or linger, if possible. Guess I'll just have to have myself an "Elizabeth Gilbert year"!


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