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strawberry layer cake - a real cake

For mother's day (and my birthday in a few days) I baked a strawberry layer cake that I had picked out for some time now. The recipe has been posted on my fridge, teasing me for weeks.

It wasn't until I had already made the cake layers yesterday, after finding the recipe on the Cooking Light website, that I read the reviews (comments) posted about this cake. It's a good thing, because I probably would not have made it otherwise. The comments, for the most part, were not good.

But my cake was fabulous!! And Mom loved it! Her review: "Not too sweet, but just right. The frosting is yummy. The cake is dense, which is how cakes used to be made in the old days. Not like the fluffy fall-apart cakes of today."
Go to Strawberry Layer Cake for the magazine's recipe. I didn't want to use Grand Marnier in the frosting, so instead I used 1 T. lemon juice and 1 T. milk. The frosting was a tad runny. I recommend adding more powdered sugar for thickness. Or try eliminating 1 T. of liquid.

I also baked the cake until it was done, not the 30 minutes mentioned in the recipe. It took an additional 15 minutes more before the cake was ready. I am at 6000 ft. above sea level, but still. I think it's because the batter is heavier. (I did beat it pretty good too.) Do the toothpick test!

Oh, and I added a layer of thin sliced strawberries between the cake layers, on top of the frosting, then put the second layer on top. Yummy!!

It's a keeper!!


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  2. This cake looks fabulous and I will definitely have to check out this recipe. I love strawberries-such a great summer fruit! By the way, early Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh my! That looks mouth watering delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  4. Thank you, Lydia, for sharing a resourceful link and kind words about my blog page.

    Paige, Hi! This cake was so good I couldn't stop eating it. Can you say "PIG"?? :-)

    Hi Julie! I so love seeing your images in my blog list :-)


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