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a happy weekend hiking and biking

Pikes Peak's snowy top in the background.

Spent Saturday afternoon hiking the ridge at Red Rocks with good friends. The dark clouds moved over us before we could walk out and a steady rain, which turned into hail at one point, stayed with us until we reached the jeep. It was cold, but sure felt great to be out!

Apple blossoms along the trail today.

Sunday morning felt so wonderful outside I just had to hop on the bike, even though there was plenty of work to be done. I put off most of my chores yesterday to hike. But I hadn't been out on the bike at all this year and we are finally having a break from cold wet weather here in Colorado.

It was perfect! Lilac bushes in bloom everywhere, the scent reminding me of childhood days in the Midwest. Robins were busy maintaining their nests and yellow finches, startled when I rode by, flitted around in small groups. The sky was as blue and calm as the photo above.

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  1. Great photos! I'm busy enjoying this Rocky Mountain Spring...soon enough I'll be whining about the heat.


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