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quick corn tortilla burritos - vegetarian style

I enjoy making this quick healthy dinner when the weather turns warm. Although today it's cold, raining and I think I detect a little snow in that rain. That's our Colorado Spring!

All that's needed is a small fry pan. I use whatever I have on hand for the filling: almost any kind of bean-just smash them a bit if you don't have "refried", leftover rice is great, veggies from last night's stir-fry, a piece of get the idea! There is usually corn tortillas in my freezer. I buy the huge package and split them up into about a dozen or less to freeze.

Gather your filling ingredients (see suggested list below) and chop tomatoes and lettuce (or spinach) for your topping. You may want to add or change the toppings depending on your taste, like green onions or  avocados.

Heat the fry pan over medium/high heat. Add a dab of butter and spread around. Immediately add a corn tortilla, swish around to coat, then flip so the other side is in the butter. Heat until it gets just a bit puffy then flip again. After a minute or almost two, remove from pan to your plate.

Add your fillings and roll up. Corn tortillas are smaller than most flour ones, so I don't wrap the ends.

Pop into microwave, and heat until filling is warm enough for you. Sprinkle with favorite toppings. Enjoy!

Filling:  beans-black, pinto, red
           rice-any, but I use brown
           red or green peppers
           onions, zucchini, yellow squash
           carrots, kale, mushrooms
           cheese-jack, white cheddar


  1. I don't normally use corn tortillas much, but I happen to have some in my refrigerator right now that my daughter gave us. Thanks for the simple, quick idea on how to use them!! (I actually tried cutting them up and frying them to make tortilla chips, but it didn't really work. I'm thinking they use a lot more oil or something to make those...) :-)

  2. You might try cutting the tortillas into strips, spray with oil and baking in the oven for 20 minutes or so. Should come out crunchy and light. Great on top of soup!


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