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100 thing count - decluttering

I started my "thing" count. What an eye-opener...and a downer. I feel the weight of more stuff after finishing each room. I ask myself how could I be so blind, so unconscious of what I buy, accumulate, buy, save, buy, and don't use. An unaware consumer is a dangerous thing.
Never again!

I'm on the lookout for "dead" stuff (stuff that never gets touched/used)to purge while going about my usual business at home. I figure it'll be that much less stuff to decide what to do with when it's time to really whittle my "things" list down!

So tonight I went to the kitchen to put together some dinner and ended up cleaning and reorganizing my fridge. Then found several items around the kitchen that I don't olive forks?! I don't even like olives. Could use them for pickles, but don't like those either. Along with the tiny forks I found:

2 ugly serving utensils.

Wooden salad set with giraffes for handles.

Weird shaped rubber spatula-it came that way.

Cake cutter used at my second wedding-bad karma.

Microwave egg poacher-always ruin the eggs anyway.

2 star cookie cutters-a five-sided and a six-sided one. I'm keeping the nine-sided one.

Wire basket connected by daisy shapes-don't know what I was thinking the day I bought it.

Extra attachments to my hand beater-guess I don't need them since I never knew I had them.

About 20 rocks and shells-last weekend I counted everything in my kitchen and found out I had (in the whole house) over 200 shells and almost as many rocks, so, starting in the kitchen, I picked 20 to go first.

Not bad for dinnertime.

Please note:
Nothing goes into the trash! Everything gets a new home through
The Freecycle Network, Craig's List or is donated to local charities.


  1. Did you ever find a warm shade of white paint? I'm planning to paint my living room and am looking for just the right shade. I also have many, many shells and rocks (though certainly not as many as you do) and want to use some of them in my decorating. Simply white by Benjamin Moore was recommended to me, but I'm just not sure.

  2. No, I haven't found it yet! I have a redesign friend I just asked. See what she comes up with. I'll have to take a look at the shade you mentioned.

    I don't want it to be too white. And my shell/rock collection is getting a thinning :-)


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