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colorado rocky mountain heaven: red rocks canyon

Spotted these rock climbers in Red Rock Canyon.

I have lived and traveled many places, never growing up in one place for too long, but Colorado is home. There have been fantasies of living where the garden grows like weeds and no worries about water or deer. Or to be close to the soothing presence of the ocean (hmmm), or smack in the middle of a big city teaming with life. Think Rome! Okay, maybe I could be enticed elsewhere...

Flowers on the path. Haven't looked their name up yet...

Colorado Springs offers many diversions, and some big city type activities, without being too big. The most popular are outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, skiing, and camping, to name a few. I can leave my home and within a very short time be out on a gorgeous trail hunting for wildflowers or watching for wildlife.

Coyote in the grassy valley of Red Rocks Canyon. He was close enough to hear my camera click!

A few of my favorite spots are posted here. Garden of the Gods, with it's red rocks rising out of the ground skyward, is a sight to see at any time of the day, but spectacular at sunrise!

Wide view of Garden of the Gods

Red Rocks Canyon, a bit further to the west of GG, is another treat to walk and hike it's trails, all the while wondering at the marvels of nature and what God has made.

Red Rocks Canyon

I really shouldn't complain about the challenges of gardening in clay, or the lack of a dreamy view of the ocean beach, or the aliveness and spirit of the big city. I have beauty right here at home. I just need to remind myself to look up and see those majestic purple mountains and be thankful.

My daily view


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. As for the photos you've posted here, those are definitely some places I would LOVE to walk. :D What an amazing view!

  2. Hi Debi, thanks for stopping by , I love the mountains all of them, I have been here almost thirteen years, growing kids and berries, kids are grown so I have the itch now , I have been to Colorado 4 times, bit by the Rocky bug when I was 14 , clay is a challenge to grow gardens but raised beds are great, you can do some intensive gardening that way , oddly we are all full of clay here too, the only difference is the rainfall, usually abundant and lots of green growth creating an inch or two that allows for a lush life, gardening gives you such an appreciation for how tenacious life is. on the horizon a move close to the "going to the sun " road, cheers, your pics are beautiful !! Laura

  3. Beautiful photos! My son spent a year in Boulder and I went to visit him as often as I could. Colorado is wonderful!


I appreciate your visit and taking the time to write! Peace and Love!

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