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charter for compassion building peace today

The Charter for Compassion was launched today!!
It is composed of leading thinkers in many different faiths. Thousands of people have contributed to it online. It is a cooperative effort to restore compassion to the center of religious, moral and political life. Why is this so important?
One of the most urgent tasks of our generation is to build a global community, where men and women of all races, nations and ideologies can live together in peace.
Religion, which should be making a major contribution to this endeavor, is often seen as part of the problem. All too often the voices of extremism seem to drown those that speak of kindness, forbearance and mutual respect. Yet the founders of every single one of the great traditions recoiled from the violence of their time and tried to replace it with an ethic of compassion.
Read more here! Above text is from this CNN site

Official Site of Charter for Compassion


simple style jewelry

Lately I feel a strong desire to create some simple but elegant pieces that can be worn just about anywhere with anything.

Gliding Bird

Leaf with a Pearl

Crystal Ball Necklace

These pieces and more are available at One Heart Jewelry


colorado: rocky mountains september sunset

Colorado Front Range, near Ft. Collins

Mother Nature's last blessing before nightfall.


colorado: devil's head trail

Last weekend my local paper wrote about ladybugs that were migrating to higher elevations (I live in Colorado) for the winter and would gather in the mountains by the thousands. I wanted to see! A friend and I chose Devil's Head Lookout Tower as our destination for good ladybug spotting. The lookout tower watches for forest fires, usually caused by lightning. Having never been there it was a double adventure.

The hike was 1.4 pleasant miles up and as we got closer to the top, we indeed discovered ladybugs!

To continue all the way up to the fire tower meant climbing 143 stairs at an elevation of 9,748 ft. This is a manned fire watch tower from Spring through September. Colorado is number two in lightning strikes in the country. Florida is number one.

At the top I can see 360 degrees and on a clear day (which it wasn't) the view stretches 100 miles away. The view alone is worth the trip. I felt like I was on eye- level with the clouds.

Another great reason to make the climb is to chat with Bill Ellis, the fire ranger in the tower. He has been up there for most of the past 25 years.

On our hike back down Devil's Head we were rewarded with a stunning display of ladybugs that had congregated on a tree trunk!

Oh, and one last fun reason I thought the trip was worth very own certificate from Ranger Bill, that reads as follows: "This certifies that on August 2009 I climbed the Devil's Head Lookout Station guarding the Pike National Forest against fire, and is therefore recognized as a member of the Ancient & Honorable Order of the Squirrels."


sit a while

Sit and rest awhile...
close your eyes...
and breathe deeply to inhale the scent of recently fallen rain.



a human garden

Flowers are a gift from the universe, as is all nature. The diversity to be found in the world of flowers is staggering. Just think how many different plants there are! According to botanists, there are about 10000 flowering plants. There is a Flower Dictionary devoted to collecting a list of every flower known.

We are happy when we see a garden bursting with color, texture and shape of many different types of flowering plants. Try to imagine every flower with the same color and shape. The same petal, the same height and the same smell! Boring!!

Think of us as flowers and our garden is Earth. It would be like Heaven on Earth for every human being to be in the same garden, gloriously bursting with our own beautiful color and dancing in the same wind, as the same Sun warms us all and the same soil sustains us and the same rain fills our petals with drops of life. I found a few quotes from the Baha'i Writings that describe this garden.

"The world of humanity is like a garden and the various races are the flowers.The very fact that there is difference and variety lends a charm to the garden. If all [the flowers] were of the same colour the effect would be monotonous and depressing....." Baha'i Writings

"The garden which is pleasing to the eye and which makes the heart glad, is the garden in which are growing side by side flowers of every hue, form and perfume, and the joyous contrast of colour is what makes for charm and beauty." Baha'i Writings

"May the rain of the Divine Mercy and the warmth of the Sun of Truth make your gardens fruitful, so that many beautiful flowers of exquisite fragrance and love may blossom in abundance." Baha'i Writings


colorado rocky mountain heaven: red rocks canyon

Spotted these rock climbers in Red Rock Canyon.

I have lived and traveled many places, never growing up in one place for too long, but Colorado is home. There have been fantasies of living where the garden grows like weeds and no worries about water or deer. Or to be close to the soothing presence of the ocean (hmmm), or smack in the middle of a big city teaming with life. Think Rome! Okay, maybe I could be enticed elsewhere...

Flowers on the path. Haven't looked their name up yet...

Colorado Springs offers many diversions, and some big city type activities, without being too big. The most popular are outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, skiing, and camping, to name a few. I can leave my home and within a very short time be out on a gorgeous trail hunting for wildflowers or watching for wildlife.

Coyote in the grassy valley of Red Rocks Canyon. He was close enough to hear my camera click!

A few of my favorite spots are posted here. Garden of the Gods, with it's red rocks rising out of the ground skyward, is a sight to see at any time of the day, but spectacular at sunrise!

Wide view of Garden of the Gods

Red Rocks Canyon, a bit further to the west of GG, is another treat to walk and hike it's trails, all the while wondering at the marvels of nature and what God has made.

Red Rocks Canyon

I really shouldn't complain about the challenges of gardening in clay, or the lack of a dreamy view of the ocean beach, or the aliveness and spirit of the big city. I have beauty right here at home. I just need to remind myself to look up and see those majestic purple mountains and be thankful.

My daily view

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